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Quality Control

Why is Chapman Enterprise Inc. today’s best choice in car display ramps?

We have over 30 years experience in the car display manufacturing and sales business.

Quality Control:
At Chapman Enterprise we are totally commited to the highest standards of quality…from quality of products, to after-sales support, and even including quality of response time. We are totally committed to surpassing industry standards to continually earn customer satisfaction. Today, more than ever before, to neglect quality is to lose your most valuable asset… The customer!

The major componets (load bearing) sections of our ramps and displays are constructed of “angle iron”. See photo above. Unlike other companies who utilize tubing 100% throughout their entire construction, angle iron is a higher standard…it makes for a longer construction process, it’s stronger, thickerand more rust resistant. Each ramp is then welded using the latest construction technique “Wire Welding”…which ensures the strongest possible bond. That translates into a quality product we are proud to sell and stand behind.

The ultimate judgement of the quality of our Products & Services occur in the market place. Customer Satisfaction can only be obtained by providing the very best products & services – before, – during and after the sales.

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