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Ford Motor

Ford Motor co & Chapman Enterprise
When the Louisville Truck Division of Ford Motor Company went looking for a customized ramp to solve a problem particular to their situation, they sought out Chapman Enterprise. We immediately went to the drawing boards and designed a ‘World Class’, ‘Industrial Strength’ customized ramp that’s fit for the record book! We believe it holds the record in length … 172’ long … with the ability to carry 5 trucks comfortably, 350’s or longer, and complete with wide treads to accommodate dual wheels. Even with all this brute strength in design and construction, a ground hugging Corvette, outfitted with spoilers, presents no problems and can glide up and on the ramp with ease!

If you need to inspect the engine or under body of numerous vehicles on an ongoing basis, then give us a call! This colossal ramp, or a version manufactured to your specifications, might be for you!

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